Throughout history, humanity has told stories of extraordinary people with powers and abilities beyond those of ordinary, everyday men and women. In the distant past, these people were epic heroes, demigods, or saints. In more recent years, they were characters in pulp and speculative fiction, comic books, and television and film. As the stories of such paragons shifted from myth and legend to popular culture and entertainment, it became more and more clear that they were not real, just power-fantasies and archetypes…until now.
Now, paragons walk the Earth: Men and women who can change the course of mighty rivers or bend steel in their bare hands. Are they the demigods and heroes of legend returned to a world where they were almost forgotten or are they something new, a tremendous step forward in the evolution and development of life? No one can say for certain but, whoever or whatever they are, there can be no doubt that paranormals have forever changed the world around them, and “normal” may never truly be normal again.