Fighting Bagel Store Owner


Draco “Dragon” Ivanovitch was a simple man from a Siberian Farming Collective. In the mid 1980s he was called to serve the Motherland in its fight against the Capitalist Machine. He loved his country and would do anything for it. Excited, he left his family behind and began his training in a SECRET UNDERGROUND KGB BUNKER!!!!!!!!! It was here he and his overseers remained isolated from the outside world. After several years of a combination of advanced martial arts training, chemical conditioning, radioactive gene therapy, and brainwashing, Draco was ready to be unleashed as a sleeper agent on the filthy Unsuspecting American Population.

Unbeknownst to Dragon, the world had moved on. The Cold War was over. In America, Ivanovitch was given a cover identity as a bagel shop owner in Manhattan’s upper west side.

That was almost 20 years ago.

The Dragon had never been awoken, until recently.


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