Mutants and Masterminds

New Dawn

and new friends....

The MuniciPALS have begun to find an identity for themselves in Emerald City, for better or worse. With the events at the bay bridge behind them, they have started to come under fire from some groups that think any super is a menace and the collateral damage is above and beyond what the damage these so called super villains would attain on their own. But there are some other groups that hail them as the heroes of the city, saying the property damage and more importantly the loss of life would have been much greater that it already is. And then there is the current accusations that one of their team deliberately killed a police officer during the confrontation with Dr Null. There is an ongoing investigation surrounding this.

On a brighter note, the MuniciPALS have found a friend on sponsor with Maximillian Mars, the owner of Mars Technologies. He has offered to provide them with a proper HQ and some resources to help ensure the safety of the city and its residents. To that end he has provided a few options to the group and they have decided to take the location of a retired Mars Tech warehouse, and the surrounding property.

index.jpgShortly after the meeting with Maximillian Mars there was an assault on one of the Mars Tech Complexes, to which the heroes repelled the attack while the robots attacking the facility unleashed a variety of weapons, gas and smoke attacks, lasers, and high calibre machine guns. Following this battle the heroes were formally presented to Emerald City in front of Mars Tech headquarters and a press conference was then held


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